​​​While Cybill Troy maintains complete control over her scenes and prefers an organic chemistry to checklists, here is a rough out line of some of her abilities and interests. 

  • Advanced Genitorture / CBT
  • Advanced Nipple Tortures
  • Bondage (Rope, Predicament, Equipment Suspension, Full Mummification, Rubber Encasement, Rubber/Leather Bondage, Steel Bondage, etc)
  • Corporal Punishment (Single Tails, Bullwhips, Dovetails, Canes, Crops, Floggers, Cats, etc.)
  • Medical / Edgeplay (Electro-Torture (via Erostek TENS units), Sounds of all types, Catheters, Enemas, Piercings (play and permanent), Staples, Sutures, Saline Inflation, Injections, Branding, Cutting, Tattooing (with advance notice),  etc.)​
  • Asphyxiophilia (Smothering, Strangulation, Forced Inhalation, Breath Control, etc) 
  • Slave Training & Behavioral Modification
  • Boot Domination / Boot Slave Training
  • Rubber/Leather Domination - Rubber/Leather Slave Training
  • Heavy Smoking Fetishes (Human Ashtray Training, Forced Inhalation, Cigarette Torture/Burning, Voyeurism, etc) 
  • Worship & Adoration (Feet, Legs, Armpits, Hands, Stockings, Pantyhose, Leather, Rubber, Fur, Boots, Shoes, etc)
  • Humiliation (Physical, Verbal, Situational, Dehumanization, Objectification, Spitting, Slapping, etc)
  • Select Strict Role Plays (Military, Religious, etc)
  • Forced Sissification / Feminization / Emasculation / Painal
  • Forced Dehumanization
  • Cuckolding Fantasies / Voyeuristic Sexual Humiliation  

...and much, much more

NOTE: Mistress Cybill Troy welcomes slaves, submissives, service masochists, fellow fetishists, and respectful beta-males of all types. Ms. Troy does not tolerate disrespect of any kind.