Dosing Masks

Black German 1-way recus mask

This black, solidly constructed recus mask, has the added attraction of being military grade equipment, with an inflatable face mask, for no leaks. Sturdy one way bag function a hook for hanging up and a truly inescapable intake from the double layered reservoir.  (hose attachment not currently available due to being sold out)


Transparent Rubber Recus Mask

Made with medical grade, durable silicone & in a creepy transparent finish. This mask has all the  practical function you'd expect in a clinical situation with that cold detached intent.
Easy to assemble, use and also disassemble for cleaning, this item will last longer than you probably will.


Vintage 70's Black Swedish 2-way Recus Mask

A truly rare find, these vintage 1970's Swedish 2 way recus masks and bags are the ultimate in creepy, clinical control. Designed to work in conjunction with oxygen tanks or other gases, in operating theatre environments, they are equally suited to perverse scenarios. Truly vintage and sealed in the original packaging from the mid 70's they are a time capsule of medical kink.